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I knew something was amiss since dec. I chose to keep quiet. I told myself I was just thinking too much. I told myself to trust you with all my heart. I know u wont hurt me. I know u wont betrayed me. Becos u knew the pain. We came from the pain. We healed each other 5 yrs ago. I thought you won’t give me the same kind of pain. But you did. u gave me a bigger blow. You made all my nightmares come true. U said u were losing it. I blame myself cos I have u too much stress. I asked myself what have I done? I asked myself what should I do to rekindle our love. I thought it was me. I blamed myself for everything. I let u scold me. I just said sorry. I swallowed everything. I wish for the love to be back. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat well. I wake up in the middle of the night and cry cos I dunno where u are. I cry myself to sleep every night. And when I found out about her my heart sank. Why do you have to lie? Why do u have to pretend that nothing has happened? Why are u treating me this way? I gave everything. I started with you from 0. When we were so poor we have nothing. I walk with you, took bus tog, coop at home to watch movie online. I supported you in everything. Everything u wanna do including ur current job becos I know u will be happy. When everyone doubt u, I believed in you. But I got was betrayal and lies. Treated like dirt, being stepped on like nothing. Ever thought of that when u are having fun outside, I was going thru hell? I was crying myself to sleep, trusting u with all my heart. Why come back to me now? Becos u feel sad for me? Just become u feel that u let me down. Just becos u are guilty? U pity me?


Written by bbreminisce

February 19, 2013 at 6:44 PM

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